• Jaser Moini

Which Bathroom Upgrades Can Increase Your Home’s Value the Most?

When renovating your home, finding the area that offers the highest possible return on investment is significant. That should not only entail how the renovation improves the overall home’s appearance or boosts its resale value. It should also entail how it makes the home more enjoyable for the homeowner and their family.

Based on home sales data and owners’ experiences, one area that performs best is the bathroom. For more than a decade, bathrooms have consistently ranked as one of homeowners’ and homebuyers’ most loved home renovations. That is because bathrooms touch us personally, and updating the space can have a prominent effect on a home’s resale value, explains Bigham & Associates LLC.

The reason for this is not hard to understand. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And the nature of activities done in bathrooms means that people are very fussy about the room’s comfortability. Additionally, bathrooms play a vital role in our productivity and sense of wellbeing. That is because it is often where we start our day and end it.

Updating your bathrooms can introduce flamboyance into the home such that buyers are willing to pay top dollars for it. But this also depends on the specific features of the bathroom that you upgrade. Not all bathroom upgrades will deliver the same results. That is why it is essential to give careful thought to the bathroom components you update during a renovation.

What are the bathroom upgrades that give the most joy to homeowners? And which features will increase a home’s value the most after selling the property? For answers to these questions, check out our list of best-performing bathroom upgrades:

1. Flooring

The flooring in a bathroom sets the tone for the ambiance of the space. It provides a canvas against which other designs and décor elements rest. If the floor is outdated or badly maintained, it will create a terrible impression of the bathroom on anyone who enters it.

2. Paint colors

Bathroom paint colors work hand-in-hand with bathroom floors to create an encompassing atmosphere. The color of walls can dampen or uplift people’s moods. The bathroom’s colors will also determine how bright, airy, and spacious a bathroom feels. The right colors can accentuate other bathroom features and make them pop out.

3. Updated fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are small details that make a huge impact. Plumbing fixtures can look nondescript and bland, or eye-catching and stylish. They are essential because they have a subtle way of drawing people’s eyes. Attractive fixtures divert attention from the rest of the bathroom.

4. Lighting

Lighting is part of the three most important features for determining a bathroom’s character, the other two being flooring and colors. The first objective in bathroom lighting should be to let in as much natural light as possible. Lighting should be versatile enough to allow bathroom users to express different moods. It should expand the space and highlight its features.

5. Upgrade the shower