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The Best Layouts for your Kitchen

When it comes to functionality of a kitchen, one of the most important decisions you can make in your Dallas TX kitchen remodel is the layout. Your choice will depend on your size, the shape of the kitchen, and what you are looking for in functionality. Here are a few details about the most popular kitchen layout choices.


U-shaped kitchens are probably the most popular shape today. They incorporate a large center island with the rest of the kitchen arranged on the walls around it. This design gives cooks a huge amount of counter and storage space and encourages guest to hang out in the kitchen and chat with the cook.


An L-Shaped kitchen is just as it sounds. With an L-shaped kitchen, you have one wall of cabinets with the range or sink, and another shorter wall of cabinets in an L shape. This design is more private for cooking and keeps traffic out of your cooking space.

Work Triangle

This design is often cited as the most efficient kitchen layout. The work triangle design has the range, sink, and refrigerator at three different points in the kitchen, forming a triangle traffic pattern. This cuts down on the amount of walking around you have to do when preparing meals.


A galley kitchen is also known as a corridor kitchen or a Pullman Kitchen. This is when there are two runs on either side of a narrow kitchen. A galley kitchen’s simple design usually has the sink on one side of the kitchen and the range within reach on the other side.


A zone design separates the kitchen into different work stations. Each area is designated for a specific task, like food prep, cooking, eating, storage, and cleaning. Zones can also be incorporated into other kitchen designs.

At National Renovation, we are here to help you every step of the way with your Dallas TX kitchen remodeling. It all starts with the layout, and our professional designers can help you make all the right choices. Call us today for a free consultation.

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