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How to make a small bathroom look big

How to make a small bathroom look larger

Before you get started on your North Dallas bath remodeling project, discuss all the different ways you can make your small bathroom look bigger with National Renovation. We have many proven techniques that can bring a sense of space to a small bathroom.

Consider Built-in options.

Utilize every bit of space in your tiny bathroom to it’s biggest potential with built-in’s. Floor to ceiling shelving and cabinets conceal all your needs and take up very little space.

Float the vanity off the floor.

There are many modern free standing vanity choices that take away a lot of bulk. Floating vanities leave a space underneath to give the apparition of more floor space. You can choose a floating vanity that matches the style of the rest of your house, whether it’s traditional, modern or country.

Remove closets

There may be a way to increase your bathroom’s footprint that you haven’t thought of. You could eliminate a linen closet that’s inside the bathroom, or borrow square footage from an adjacent hall closet. Think of other places you can store items, and utilize former closet space to create the North Dallas bath of your dreams.

Go big and bold and don't doubt

It may sound abnormal, but going big and bold in a small bathroom is a smart move. Using a bright, large patterned wallpaper that might look like too much in a bigger room gives a tiny space a lot of dimension and fun. You can also go with one big piece like a gorgeous marble vanity counter-top or vessel sink to create real impact in the space.

Be generous on accessories and fixtures.

Even if you can’t have the huge walk-in shower that you wanted, you can still add a lot of luxury to your small bathroom. Overspend in high-end shower heads, faucets, and accessories and give your Dallas bathroom a spa-like fell.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, National Renovation can give you a beautiful bathroom that meets all your needs and feels a lot bigger than it is. Call us today to discuss all the possibilities for your Northern Dallas bathroom remodeling project idea!

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