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Bathroom Remodeling


Is your bathroom a little behind the times? National Renovation can bring your bathroom up-to-date with new modern porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles such as travertine, limestone, granite, or marble tile. We help you design your dream with the latest quality materials that fit your budget.  We are committed to our customers and their style and tastes.

Sometimes the bathroom is a throwaway room.  It is merely for function and beyond that, neglected. National Renovation would like to change that. We believe that this is the one room in the house that should be specifically designed to cater to you and your lifestyle.  It should be a place of serenity, relaxation, and above all comfort. The most successful bathroom remodels are the ones that combine functionality with pure luxury.  How about having a stand-up shower with your Kohler tub, or a modern free-stand vanity inside your newly constructed master suite?  And if you feel limited by your budget, don’t.  We can show you options that range from small aesthetic changes like paint or fixtures to the full-blown reconstruction of your entire bathroom.

National Renovation is always here to answer your questions, make suggestions and help you find what you are looking for.  

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Types of Bathroom Showers (Design Ideas)


Type of Shower System

  • Single controller

  • Manual Mixer Shower System

  • Thermostatic Shower System

  • Digital Shower System

Types of Shower Heads

  • Fixed Shower Head

  • Hand-Set Shower

  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

  • Single Setting Shower Head

  • Multi Setting Shower Head

  • Rainfall Shower

  • Shower Tower panel

  • Double side shower head


Shower Materials

  • Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

  • Marble/Travertine/Stone Tiles


Shower Shapes

  • Rectangular or Square Shower Enclosure

  • Corner Enclosure Shower

  • Tub and Shower Combination

  • Curbless shower


Types of Shower Glass

  • Sliding Door

  • Hinged Door

  • Frame-less shower glass

  • One panel enclosure without door


Custom Shower Ideas

  • Shower with Body Spray Jets

  • Walk-in Shower with Bench

  • Carrara Marble Shower

  • Quartz Shower

  • Steam Shower

  • Glass Shower with Half Wall

  • Shower with Natural Light

  • Outdoor Shower

  • Indoor/Outdoor Shower

  • Frosted Glass Privacy Shower

  • Wood Style Porcelain Tile Shower

  • Rainfall Shower

  • White Subway Tile Shower

  • Shower and Bathtub Combination

  • Private Spa Shower

  • Modern Bathroom Shower

  • Multiple Shower Heads

  • Doorless Walk-In Shower

  • Shower with Contoured Wall Tiles

  • Shower with Herringbone Pattern Tile

  • Shower with Gold Finishes

  • Shower with Pattern Tile

  • River Rock Shower Floor

  • Shower with TV

  • His and Her Shower

  • Extra Large Shower

Wake Up to a Bathroom You Love

Most home buyers will be willing to pay more for a house with a bigger, more luxurious bathroom, which makes your Bathroom Remodeling Project a smart investment.  Recently, homeowners have begun investing to improve their bathrooms and create a more functional, comfortable ambiance. It seems sensible to want a bathroom to be relaxing, revitalizing, and practical. Bathroom remodeling is the perfect way to improve your home's value and add gratification to a frenzied lifestyle.

Bathroom remodeling should start with the idea you have in mind for the design of your bathroom. National Renovation offers a vast variety of design ideas to improve your home; there are so many facets to think about such as faucets, cabinets, flooring, vanities, sinks, color schemes, and any other elements you might need to set the atmosphere for your new bathroom. Bathroom tiles alone have an immense amount of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. Selecting a new bathtub is one of the more enjoyable tasks during your bathroom remodeling adventure. This is an opportunity to do away with the old, and bring in the new. Upgrading to a larger more comfortable bathtub or adding a whirlpool tub is the trend these days. The design possibilities are endless and National Renovation can make your Remodeling Project come to life.


BATHROOM TILE CHOICES: Tiles are appearing in more styles and colors than ever before, unleashing new design creativity in the bathroom. The tile for the bathroom is not just aqua ceramic anymore. Many tile lines come in various sizes that can be combined in innumerable ways. You can mix porcelain with glass or metal or natural stone. Glass adds sparkle to an otherwise matte look, and a dash of stainless or other metal does the same. Another option is pebble tile, where stones or pebbles are embedded in a mesh backing, which can be laid and grouted just like tiles. The rougher surface — as well as the look — makes pebble tiles perfect for any water areas, such as showers and bathroom floor.

The trends are numerous because there's a huge number of new products and ways to use them. We suggest taking advantage of the variety by not limiting yourself to your tile choices. Bathrooms used to be more utilitarian. Now they're showcases that can be more than beige and plain tile. We advise to not be afraid to try something different and mix in design 



Shower Waterproofing

We're specialists in installing the Kerdi waterproofing system manufactured by Schluter Systems of Germany. Schluter is so confident in their product and our installation, that they extend warranties far beyond any other manufacturer or method of waterproofing...

Water and vapor penetrate through the grout joints (even sealed grout joints), mortar, and backing materials in shower walls and floors, allowing moisture to collect in the wall cavity or floor structure, which is the primary cause of mold growth.  The Schluter-Shower System for tile installation eliminates the possibility of mold growth due to moisture penetration. 

For more information please watch the video provided by Schluter-Shower

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